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Indecisiveness; A Decidedly Troublesome Problem

It’s been a while since our last post. Specifically? It’s been about 3 or so days and in THAT TIME, several things have happened repeatedly. I’ve been faced with a decision, I’ve placed decisions in the hands of others, and I’ve expected answers and choices from the people whom I ask. And you know what I’m sick and tired of? Indecisiveness! And I don’t mean the shoddy kind of “Oh don’t ask me I don’t want to choose, you pick” type of indecisiveness. I mean the “Oh I don’t know, maybe this…WAIT NO! I’ll go with that! No, no, oh which one do you want? No not that…” kind of decision making that leads to a lot of MY time being wasted, and frankly? It’s infuriating me! I’m beyond the point of being bothered, and I’m quite not livid just yet, but I’m certainly infuriated and I’m certainly going to RANT!

Here’s the thing decisions. They’re important…like REALLY important. So important that YES, your ENTIRE life depends mostly on the outcomes you’ve been placed in (first) and your decisions regarding those outcomes (second). See how I phrased that? That means that yes, if you’ve been born to a terrible set of outcomes, you still have SOME decisions to make, the only difference is that the stuff you’ll be picking is FAR from what I’ll be picking. Let’s remember that “Good” and “Bad” are fluid concepts, and “Losing” and “Winning” are even more so; therefore my decisions regarding the day are definitely going to differ from those of the German, Singaporean, South African, Brazilian, and American humans who also wake up at their equivalents of 7:30 AM. But that’s a different story entirely regarding individuality and the irony in such a concept (we’re working on a rant for that; one that isn’t filled with curse words and one that doesn’t insult every single school of thought within the first paragraph. We’re looking at you V.B. Roberts, you know what you wrote).

Back to the original point: decisions are IMPORTANT. Meaning that when you’re faced with a decision, UNDERSTAND the position you’re in, REFLECT on your choices, and (good grief) PROVIDE an answer. Preferably? One that doesn’t conclude with “What do you recommend?” because I’ve already PROVIDED you with my opinion on the matter and I’ve DEFINITELY already provided my thoughts on the matter, so DON’T ask me again because my original answer won’t change (extreme examples notwithstanding) and I am certainly going to feel rather proud of your BRILLIANT decisive powers.

The problem, that I’ve noticed actually, is that we are continuing to move forward in a world where being indecisive is not becoming as troublesome as it once was. We, as a society are being given more and more second chances, meaning that we have quite a bit of time to reconsider older decisions and change them. This is all fine and dandy, but the problem is that on the spot decisions are becoming more and more rare, which frankly? Is infuriating me! Yes, you can change your mind later, but shouldn’t that be the least of your worries, considering you haven’t decided NOW?

At this time, I remember Avatar Roku’s words to Aang in the first part of Sozin’s Comet (the Avatar the Last Airbender series finale) “…You must be decisive” words that fit rather well, all things considered. YES. We live in a world where you are often given second chances (depending on your outcomes and the prior decisions you’ve made) and this is fine. I thoroughly enjoy hearing success stories about people who struggle through life, complete some sort of whatever to gain knowledge and then go on turning their lives around completely, being able to live the lives that they dreamed about. This is fantastic, in my opinion. But here’s the thing that we all need to remember: decisions are important (and I don’t just mean things like where to eat, where to shop, where to attend school, where to live, who to speak to, what to eat, etc.; I mean EVERYTHING), so when faced with a choice, YES we should take our time and think about it, but we still need to make a decision! Otherwise, we lose a very important part of our humanity, a part that almost entirely defines cultures and civilizations; choice.

I suppose it’s rather heavy handed to claim that we lose choice when someone decides to waste my time by not deciding on something as simple as blue or green, or pastel or oil, 4 or 8 gigs. However the fact of the matter is this: decisions are important, so PLEASE make up your mind. As always, this has been your Admin and DO remember! Make up your mind yourself, before someone else does it for you!


Stand Up; A New Philosophy

Often I complain. Often I mope. Often I whine, shout, scream, make noise, and create a raucous over things that are entirely within the scope of my control. Long story short? I decide to blame someone or something else on my own shortcomings, and I’ll usually end up saying something fantastic like “if it weren’t so hot right now, I’d do better.” Which, in retrospect, may or may not be true depending on the task, but is usually just me making an excuse as to why something didn’t go my way. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain things you can’t do unless certain events line up, but those things are for another day and another rant.

A common problem I seem to face is that I don’t stand up for myself. Or rather, I put others down in the place of my own confidence. Or, for those who can’t seem to get it, I place my ego in the path of my own confidence, and frankly, that’s just as bad as it sounds. First of all, ego is not the same as confidence. While a confident person may say “I painted that tree and it looks like a rather good tree” a person with a larger ego may claim that “I painted that tree and it looks like a rather good house,” as an extreme example that underwent severe reductio ad absurdum (by all means, correct my latin, I merely say what I learn, and sometimes I’m not my best teacher).

Now when I say ego, I don’t mean the Freudian ego, which acts as the polar opposite of the id (the id being the pure emotions humans face, and seeing as how we’re talking about Freud, that comes down to two things: fighting, and coitus); the ego acts as (to quote Seto Kaiba) the Tetsuo to the id’s Kaneda; the Batman to the id’s Joker; the Sherlock Holmes to the id’s Moriarty; the Speed Racer to the id’s Racer X. I could go on, but I won’t. The point is that in Freudian terms, the ego is conventionally good, and the id is conventionally bad.

However, I’m not referring to the Freudian ego. I’m referring to the HUMAN ego. The thing that makes mountains out of molehills and that allows us to have slightly better self images, and slightly worse images of others. And having a large ego is not the same as having confidence in yourself. Now don’t get me wrong, anyone with confidence has an ego; it’s what happens when you believe in yourself and your abilities. The reasoning here is that the ego mustn’t control the confidence, or rather, one’s confidence in oneself should come from their abilities, and not ONLY from their own mind. It is difficult for quite a few people to understand that yes, they are smart and able, but they aren’t THAT smart or able. However, we’ve already spoken about brains and intelligence, so I digress.

My original point is that I don’t stand up for myself when I should, and instead, I let my ego drive my actions. Not always, but it’s becoming troublesome enough that I’ve noticed it before anyone else (this is a good AND bad thing, frankly), and because of this I must take action. I need to stand up and do something about it. Now, I have to clarify that when I say “stand up for myself” I don’t mean that I’m a victim against some sort of antagonist, good grief, no. I mean it in the sense that it’s time I stop letting my ego tell me that I CAN do something but ONLY IF…

This is extremely difficult for a lot of people, mainly because (as has repeatedly informed its readers) we are constantly told that we can do anything despite the logical implications of this. Furthermore, we are repeatedly told that we merely need to wait for the “right moment” where everything will fall into place, allowing us to do something. WELL, I’ve reached the right moment, and frankly, it’s not like in the books, or movies, songs, video games, or webcomics. No, the right moment is me realizing I need to STAND UP and DO something about my abilities and I need to STAND UP and DO something about my ego.

It’s a question of WHAT for now, I don’t know, but what I DO know is this: everytime I let my ego take over, I’ll simply apologize, and make up for it with genuine confidence. As always, this has been your Admin, and DO remember! Let your Ego control you, don’t let your ego control you (Freud, gotta love him)!



I just finished watching Wong Fu Productions’ Strangers, Again and I have to admit, I was thoroughly impressed with the video. It’s 16 minutes long, give or take some time for the credits to roll around, of course, but it was brilliant to the T. The main story features a couple, Josh and Marissa as Josh reflects on their relationship over the course of 1 and a half years, highlighting the different periods that the couple goes through. We’ve all heard of the stages, and despite the names we may give them (chopping vs. the chase; wheeling vs. flirting; etc. vs. whatever), if you’ve been in a relationship, you’ve most likely gone through them all. I suppose the interesting point to note is that the video is certainly nothing new; it features everything you’d expect it to feature and, in fact, a little bit less, though one can blame the trailer for that. In typical trailer format, it reveals whatever it wants to reveal, and I’ll admit it now before my bashing is misinterpreted, it doesn’t damage the video at all.

Now, I’m calling it a video, but in all fairness, it’s a short film, and as such, I’m going to give it the respect it deserves. The film is brilliantly shot, though what I find fascinating is the emotion conveyed by Philip Wang (I didn’t bother googling him, you’ll have to excuse my laziness in that regard, though I’m sure anyone can do it themselves) as the film progresses. It isn’t difficult to properly emote a breakup script, all things considered, but what makes his performance interesting is the WAY that he portrays his character. He plays each and every part fantastically well, and what’s even more admirable is that he’s actually LIKABLE; this is despite the fact that he repeatedly points out that he is equally at fault. More so, he doesn’t WHINE about his position; he tells the truth in the proper manner, without sacrificing or adding anything supplementary.

The one problem, and this is incredibly minor but it IS annoying me, is a SINGLE moment in the most painful scene for anyone who has been through a breakup; the film pulls a Scrubs outtake moment where the character does something (specifically punching another character) ALL. IN. HIS. MIND. This artistic choice is beginning to annoy me to the nth degree, and that really is the only problem with the film.

Now, the point of my writing isn’t to praise Wong Fu Productions or their latest short film, that much can be done by the viewers and by reading their comments on the matter. The point of my writing is to ponder the concept of a breakup, as the film asks the viewer to do throughout. The reasoning is that once a couple splits, they are, for all intents and purposes, strangers once again. However, any observant 4 year old who has grown up in a 1st world country can point out this simple prospect be reading the title of the film, so I’m going to take my pondering a little further: does every couple undergo the same breakup pattern, and more importantly, are the only two options for a couple marriage (or its cultural and social equivalent) or breaking up (or its cultural and social equivalent)?

A relationship, whether romantic or otherwise, undergoes principle changes from strangers onward and so on and so forth. Though, does this mean that ALL relationships undergo the SAME changes? This has been a point of interest for me for quite some time, and sadly I haven’t been able to provide an answer. Logic dictates that no two relationships are the same, even under controlled conditions, human randomness accounts for that fact; therefore, following logic, the answer is a resounding NO. However, relationships, no matter how different, show SIMILAR traits, this is how we learn and adapt, it’s the principle of avoiding the mistakes your friends etc. make to avoid similar outcomes. Therefore the answer is a YES. The combination of a YES and a NO only further complicate matters, which only lead to more speculation.

For now, however, I don’t have an answer to the questions above. I don’t know whether or not marriage or breakup are the only two options a couple has, and I certainly don’t know if every couple follows the same pattern, but what I DO know for a fact is that relationships are quite often worth it, and while breakups (whether inevitable or otherwise) are messy, during the relationship, the two members (or more, I’m not going to judge quite yet) are happy. Or rather, they should be. If not, steps should be taken to reconcile that fact, and who knows, maybe you won’t be able to, and maybe it’ll all fail miserably and maybe you’ll never find someone who loves you and love isn’t worth it and blah blah blah BLAH BLAH. All useless maybes, but I digress, I don’t have the answers to those questions, and I believe that the day I find the answers, I’ll have even more questions. SO! Until that moment in time, I suggest making sure that your relationship is fantastic and grand for both of you.

As always, this has been you Admin, and DO remember! Breakups and Marriages occur, I certainly haven’t come up with an equation or formula to avoid either, and telling anyone to make the most of what they have is obvious, therefore to avoid that I’ll say this: if you like where you don’t screw it up. If you don’t like where you are, then stop crying, stand up and DO something about it.


Information; the Other stuff

To those who like video games, or who might subscribe to certain gaming magazines, or who frequents certain gaming websites, today is a good day. Today, Mortal Kombat 9 comes out, rather, today Mortal Kombat is released; the reboot of the series created by NetherRealm Studios. Incidentally, today, Portal 2 comes out, the sequel to the almost universally acclaimed Portal, a game made using the same mechanics as a game called Narbacular Drop (a video game by a bunch of DigiPen students; seriously though? Don’t get upset, most of those same students were hired by Valve software to create Portal anyway).

Now, these two games are almost definitely going to be hits; the creators have been hyping them up more some time, and their respective fanbases have done quite a good job with that themselves. More importantly, even if the games fail to introduce any new mechanics, or fail to provide ANYTHING new (that is to say, they release a “new” game that is almost identical to their originals except for pallet swaps) the games will be fantastic. That is how good the original Portal and the last Mortal Kombat games were. The fact that they will be hits, and will sell relatively well is almost a given, considering market tactics and player demands and any other phrases I can put together that sound like I know what I’m talking about (which, unsurprisingly, I do).

However, the point I am trying to get to isn’t that the games are being released. I’m trying to bring up the fact that another brilliant game is being released today; a lovely little gem called “The Conduit 2.” Heard of it? I’m sure you have. It’s the sequel to the original “The Conduit,” a game released in 2009, and also a game that was fantastic on every level. The story was cliche’ in that B-Movie kind of way, which was awesome, the characters were well developed, and, most importantly, it was a Wii game that was worth owning. MORE importantly? It was a first person shooter that proved that the Wii wasn’t just for nuclear families and cardboard cutouts from commercials. The Conduit was one of those games that proved that the Wii was a system worth owning for the rest of the universe. MOST IMPORTANTLY, and the point that stopped it from getting anywhere massive? It was essentially Halo for the Wii. It was a game that tried to be Halo (and I don’t mean that in a negative sense); the game tried to do what Halo tried to do for the Xbox in 2001. Well, it was ONE of the handful (and I don’t use that term lightly) of games that fell under this category, but I digress.

NOW! Apart from the game developers, the studio that funded the creation of the game, the editors of various gaming sources and the ABSOLUTE DIE-HARD fans of the original game, who knew about “The Conduit 2’s” release date? I most certainly didn’t, and I was a FAN of the original, and I mean the kind of fan who beat the game within hours and went online straight away to get my gaming fill. The kind of fan who brings the game out as an argument tactic whenever people make fun of me for owning a Wii, and who loses miserably each and every time; that kind of fan.

However, The Conduit 2 (which I’m going to start calling TC2 for short) is not even the main point of this rant post. The MAIN point is how we, as humans, so easily flock towards the latest and greatest whatever and often ignore the remainder. The worse part is that this causes a divide within the overall and leads to two new groups being form. The worst part is that then these two groups end up attacking one another for not jumping ship like they did. This is most prominent (now anyway) with owners’ of Macs and owners’ of Windows based machines. Yes, the Mac’s graphically devised interface is very nice and shiny, and yes, Windows 7 is SO much better than Windows Vista, but does that mean that one is better than the other OVERALL? One is good for reasons 1-3 and the other is good for reasons 4-6, yet people argue over them in a similar fashion to (and please excuse my vulgarity) political parties fighting over various troublesome and almost meaningless points in Parliament and in Senate. The comparison is this: both parties fight over something meaningless when there is something far more important to debate. Yet the debate is between the pointless stuff when the other stuff is far more prominent.

To get back to the original point, things are announced based on who responds to initial pokes of noise; this is an almost universal truth, and it’s not entirely unfounded or troublesome, so I’ll let it be for today. However, we as a culture (I’m going to start small here) need to stop jumping exclusively on ONE bandwagon. Whether it be in regards to video games, books, movies, songs, political affiliations, religious views, and opinions on Fox News; we need to stop attacking one another just because we don’t agree on certain points. OTHER points are almost painfully obvious, and when THESE points are ignored, problems start to occur. See what I did there?

As always, this has been your Admin, and DO remember! Do what you like to do, watch what you like to watch, hear what you like to hear, and read what you like to read, but don’t bloody well FORCE others to do the same, because chances are, they probably aren’t EXACTLY like you, and the last thing you want is to start a fanboy riot.


Genius; Are You One?

I recently finished reading chapter 1 of Hiromu Arakawa’s Silver Spoon, a manga about a genius from a high quality Prep School in Japan who decides to go to a really easy dairy farming high school so he can end up being the smartest in the school. As one would imagine, things like math, languages, history, etc. come rather freely to him seeing as how he somehow manages to memorize a large book of facts about farming statistics and the sort. He soon discovers that while his fellow classmates may be morons in terms of things like that, when it comes to anything even REMOTELY associated with farming, they go on a complete tangent.

NOW, one might ask themselves, how much is there to do with farming? It involves taking care of livestock and maintaining crops right? HOWEVER the reader is soon introduced to EVERYTHING to do with biology, including advanced evolutionary theories, the mechanics behind the cells in a body, a few theories involving cloning, and most importantly, knowledge regarding college level genetics. All by students who couldn’t possibly hope to pass a 7th grade math test. The main character immediately points out the insanity behind this logic; how is it that people so DUMB can be so SMART?

This reminded me of something a friend once told me “people work hard at what they want to do,” meaning, obviously, that a person will try their best to accomplish what they want to accomplish, and not what they find uninteresting. It’s noticeable throughout the world, and the distinction between the very smart and the not so often has to do with the factor of interest. A hard core video gamer might memorize long passages regarding beating their favourite video games, however give them a copy of “Catcher in the Rye” and ask them to simply tell you what happens and they’ll draw a blank. And don’t go around telling me I’m using an extreme example that is influenced by a) their culture b) their sociological state and c) their psychological abilities.

The same experiment can be conducted with literary scholars. Give them a copy of Halo 3, The Conduit, Mass Effect, or The Legend of Zelda and ask them to perform a very basic analysis on the topic and they’ll fail to hint at anything past the implications the games have on our society and past. Give them a copy of “Catcher in the Rye” and they’ll tell you that Holden Caulfield is one of the strongest literary characters and why in a heart beat. Better yet, ask them to beat the covenant horde, take down the Drudge, destroy the Reapers and crush Ganon (whether dorf or otherwise) and they’ll either think you’ve lost your mind, or fail miserably during their first attempts. This is all due to interest in the subject, and our own interests as well, this much is obvious.

This interest creates such a distinction between the smart and the dumb, that it amazes me that we, and I for the most part, even bother pointing out those differences. Even more aggravating is the fact that most of the people that we consider “geniuses” try a hell of a lot harder than you or I will ever try. They are people who devote their time perfecting their specific arts, whether they be scientific, musical, or visual; the people who practice playing the piano for 3 hours a day; the people who review equations over and over again to find new ways to solve simple problems, ways that help them solve more complex problems; the people who practice coding in html or php or java so they can apply to wherever and get the position, whether at Microsoft or Digipen; the painters who spend an hour picking their colours, their brushes, and their canvases so they can create whatever their imaginations come up with. They practice everyday over and over again trying to achieve their dreams, and their goals.

What more, it is this concept of hardwork that separates the “successful” from the “unsuccessful.” Which brings up the point that to be a genius, you need to do something you ACTUALLY want to do and spend A LOT of time doing it, which, quite frankly is daunting for the rest of us. What if you don’t know what you want to do? Then what happens? Are you worthless if you don’t have a dream? I don’t know. All I know for a fact is that if you have a dream, stick with it and try your best to achieve it. Make sure it’s something you really want to do, and make sure that whatever it has to do with, it’s interesting to you. My opinion on the matter? If you have a dream, hold on to it and NEVER let it go. If you don’t have a dream? Well, Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, brah!…
Lala how the life goes on!

As always, this has been your Admin, and DO remember! Everyone has a dream; it’s just that some people have more determination than others to get knocked down and get back up over and over again so their dreams are fulfilled.


The Byte Post

Yesterday, we tweeted that we wanted to rename our blog posts, and we have. Our normal posts correspond to The Byte Post page and the home page starting with the next post. As we’ve already mentioned, at least I hope we’ve mentioned it already, the twitter posts are part of The Byte Corner and can be found on the blog and on our twitter feed as well. As always, this has been your Admin, and DO remember! Posts are posts and corners are corners, don’t cut posts and don’t pee on corners.


Twitter News

We’ve decided to up the ante so to speak. Now, the twitter feed will also be a continuation of the blog. For those who don’t have twitter, don’t fret! Our home page has always had the twitter feed running, but for those who DO have twitter, well…well nothing actually, you’ll just be getting the same information, except you’ll have to follow us to get it. Or just view our page, it isn’t that difficult actually. There really is no reason for this, other than the fact that some days we just don’t want to write a long rant etc; well, no, that’s not quite right, we ALWAYS want to rant, but it’s a matter of time management you see. With the twitter feed becoming our secondary source, we can easily update on the go, without having to worry too much about time.

We still need a name for the twitter segment, so we’ll be working on that, however, apart from that, we’re good to go! Expect updates throughout the day etc. and as always, this has been your Admin, and DO remember! Tweet constantly, and twitter often, but don’t be a tweeting twit!


The Past and The Present

I spent the entire day trying to figure out how I could possibly write up a post on philosophy, and as I usually do, I consulted several sources to find my answer. At first, I tried the internet, and as usual, I got side-tracked somewhere on Wikipedia and before I knew it, I ended up looking up the entire single’s catalogue for The Beatles. Not a good start, to say the least. Afterwards I tried searching through an encyclopaedia for my answer, but that didn’t get me very far, mainly because it was very simplistic and it provided answers that were far too general.

So, in my confused and annoyed state, I decided to try the internet one more time and searched for “Philosophy.” I found my answer, as humans often do, in the verse of Broadway. I’m not kidding about this, I looked up philosophy and ended up with “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” that musical about, well, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. There was a song called “My Philosophy” by Lucy, and it essentially detailed her beliefs, the only problem being that she constantly CHANGED said philosophy.

Oddly enough, that one song triggered a memory of a article that I once read. I’d cite the article, but I honestly can’t remember what it was, all I remember is a line that said “you’ll end up changing your life plans every 2 years, thinking to yourself ‘I was such an idiot back then, and I’m a genius now!'” The similarity being that we constantly change our goals, and adapt our ideals and philosophy. Much like Lucy, humans constantly change their opinions and constantly adapt themselves to their environment, etc.

This brings up the question: when is it right to ignore the past and embrace the present? Frankly? I’m still looking for the answer myself, so I can’t ENTIRELY answer that, but what I CAN say, is this: never forget your past, but don’t let it CONTROL your future. Take from that what you will, and I’m sure many will attempt to argue what I just wrote and YES. There ARE exceptions; but the point is this: the past is the past, and the future is the future. If anything, at least try to LEARN from your past so you don’t bloody well make the same mistakes in the future!

NOW! I believe I’ve ranted for quite enough time, therefore; as always, this has been your Admin, and remember! Sometimes you need to put your behind, PAST you! Or is that the other way around?


Mortal Kombat: Legacy

If anyone’s been paying attention to the tweets, this post was supposed to be about philosophy, which we narrowed down from psychology and politics. Canada had its English Language Leader’s Debate yesterday, and we had a FEW words to say, but as we were searching YouTube, we found out that the new Mortal Kombat live action series was released a few days ago. So instead of talking about any of the other, more educational stuff, we’ve decided to talk about blood thirsty warriors who have made headlines, I’m sure you’re wondering when we’re going to start talking about Mortal Kombat and not the debate, huh -rimshot-?

No, but seriously, the first episode was pretty good, for what it is anyway. At about 12 and a half minutes long, it certainly doesn’t give itself a lot of time to divulge a story. So it doesn’t. It takes about 3 minutes to discuss plot elements and spends the next 8 or so dishing out on what the fandom enjoys: random and often misplaced violence. Frankly? Mortal Kombat never had a decent plot anyway, so it shouldn’t bother anyone that the web series would be guns and gesticulation instead of story and speculation. This isn’t difficult folks, the game’s main feature is being able to rip people’s bodies to shreds and move on to the next victim in a tournament designed to decide the fate of our planet or…something like that. The web series has a similar plot, but you’ll only get the tournament part of the plot if you saw the webisode that was released a while back, introducing us to Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Baraka, and Johnny Cage (the has been action movie star who somehow ended up working for the Deacon City Police Department).

The acting was, as expected, pretty mediocre, BUT (and I AM going to do this) compared to the LAST live action Mortal Kombat movie, this was Citizen Kane (I know, I know, it’s really boring, but it’s this BIG deal), however, I digress. Michael Jai White (who plays Jaks, the character most people remember as the “Dude who suddenly got cybernetic arms that had machine guns and lasers”) ends up playing the role Clive Owen has been playing for a while; “Angry main character” and I’m not joking about that. Apparently, his partner is kidnapped by some evil terrorist who’s creating these deadly sonic weapons and this gives him an excuse to literally “F*** protocol” and be really angry. I’m not letting this go, I get that it was for 12 minutes, but MAN can that guy hold a scowl! It was similar to a scenario in which a person informed Tony Stark that his parents were killed like Bruce Wayne’s while simultaneously revealing to him that he is actually a refugee of Krypton, while telling him that both Pepper and Rhodey were killed by the Green Lanterns. In case you’re wondering? HE’D BE MAAAAAAD, specifically? Like Michael Jai White in Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

I will, however, say this: the series is shot rather well. The angling is perfect, the fight scenes are relatively well choreographed, and the sound effects are both effective and well done. It’s not going to win an Oscars (for obvious reasons), but it isn’t the ugliest thing lying around the internet and, frankly, I’m glad.

I have a major problem with Legacy though. It’s supposed to be a “Gritty” reboot of the Mortal Kombat live action franchise, and considering that you’re able to rip people’s spines out of their vertebral columns, is it REALLY necessary to fill in the space with something “Gritty?” Actually, that’s a rather good point, isn’t it? There’s a scene where several of the enemy Kombatants are shot and blood is CGI’d at the camera. It’s rather interesting because up until that point, the overall hemo-count was rather low, so it felt like they were REALLY trying with that one, but that’s a bit off point.

The point is this: so far, the series hasn’t been too bad. I remember reading an article talking about how the first movie or episodes of a series that has to do with video games or comic books are usually slow paced because they try to fill in back stories for those who are new, so considering that what I saw was essentially a bunch of angry people who could perform kung fu and use guns really well, I surmise that Legacy is going to fix the problems that Mortal Kombat’s live action franchise has been having.

As always, this has been your Admin, and DO remember! Kombat, whether Mortal or otherwise can easily be resolved through less violent means, such as mediated discussion. Ironically, Mortal Kombat understands that, hence “MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!”



First ACTUAL Post; EXCITING, isn’t it?

For our first actual post, we racked our brains trying to come up with something. We didn’t want it to be too convoluted, yet we wanted it to be debatable. Nothing too new, but nothing too old that people won’t remember it. We wanted it to be interesting, and at the same time, humorous as well. We wanted it to have meaning; something that would define us as a blog; something with meaning.

And then we decided, NAH, we’re going to rant, and RANT we shall! Specifically? About our good friend and beloved country music star Taylor Swift. Well, her song “You Belong With Me” anyway.

Don’t play dumb, we know you know it; you’ve probably heard it a million times, and if you haven’t, well WE have. And frankly, we’ve gotten sick of it. Yes, it’s a beautifully written ditty, composed by a lovestruck girl who may or may not have fallen in love with her best (and probably only) male friend, singing about how his girlfriend doesn’t “get his humour” like she does, etc, etc. Honestly? We disagree. With the ENTIRE song. ESPECIALLY the lyrics regarding him belonging with her, or her belonging with him, or her and him WHATEVER. We can’t stand it.

The song opens up with Taylor Swift, hereby nicknamed “Swifty” because that’s how we roll, somehow listening in to a conversation with the would be guy and his girlfriend. First off, HOW does she hear this conversation? HOW? She isn’t in his house and up until the music video reveals that she’s practically STALKING him, we as LISTENERS get NO explanation for her sudden psychic surge. Why isn’t she listening in to other conversations? More importantly, why isn’t she on the run from secret government agents who would ironically reveal themselves as they capture her? I digress, however, that it goes on.

Next, we learn that the girlfriend is, in fact, informing her significant other that he has hurt her feelings due to a comment he made earlier. At this point, our narrator (Swifty, do recall), claims that the girlfriend (Female X) doesn’t get the boyfriend’s (Male Y) humour…NO! NO! NO! She GETS his humour! In fact, she probably gets it more than Swifty, Male Y, clearly hurt Female X, and at this point she is simply informing him! Swifty decides that Male Y is SO perfect, that he couldn’t possibly be the BAD GUY, and he couldn’t POSSIBLY have done or said ANYTHING negative. So Female X is in the wrong.

Next, we move on to the claim that Swifty is listening to music in her room (and we’re back to her being a psychic warrior sent from the future, JOY!), on a typical Tuesday night. We have no qualms with this statement. In fact, we barely have any qualms with the chorus either (we were going to point out the impossibility of Swifty wearing nothing but a t-shirt, and the impossibility of Female X wearing nothing but a short skirt, but we’re better people than that).

Swifty now informs us that she and Male Y are walking through the park, and they’re both laughing, that’s fine by us, but considering that he hasn’t smiled like he used to (his smile apparently produces a substantial amount of energy that provides for a small town [yup, we decided to take the easy way out with that one]) ever since she (Female X) showed up. Well MAYBE that’s because Male Y has got a random stalker and he is THOROUGHLY concerned about that fact. Or maybe it’s because said stalker just doesn’t like being hooked up to a battery every week to generate power for the insane people in this town. Say, on a side note, where are the PARENTS in this place? I want to know why Male Y, Female X, and Swifty haven’t spoken to THEM about this. More importantly, HOW haven’t they noticed that random males are being followed in parks and from football games? Either way, they either don’t care, or they haven’t noticed and I don’t know which one concerns me more.

That’s also as far as I can take listening to the song for the millionth time, so I’m going to stop ranting and end with a plea: stop playing this song so much, and please, when your children ask you to phone in your local radio station, DON’T request this song, request something else, something with better lyrics, and with better vocals, and with better EVERYTHING! And don’t prattle about “Oh go and switch stations,” because MOST stations play this song AT LEAST twice a day.

Starting today, and as ALWAYS, this has been your Admin, and DO remember folks! We define pop music; pop music doesn’t define us. Toodles!