Mortal Kombat: Legacy

If anyone’s been paying attention to the tweets, this post was supposed to be about philosophy, which we narrowed down from psychology and politics. Canada had its English Language Leader’s Debate yesterday, and we had a FEW words to say, but as we were searching YouTube, we found out that the new Mortal Kombat live action series was released a few days ago. So instead of talking about any of the other, more educational stuff, we’ve decided to talk about blood thirsty warriors who have made headlines, I’m sure you’re wondering when we’re going to start talking about Mortal Kombat and not the debate, huh -rimshot-?

No, but seriously, the first episode was pretty good, for what it is anyway. At about 12 and a half minutes long, it certainly doesn’t give itself a lot of time to divulge a story. So it doesn’t. It takes about 3 minutes to discuss plot elements and spends the next 8 or so dishing out on what the fandom enjoys: random and often misplaced violence. Frankly? Mortal Kombat never had a decent plot anyway, so it shouldn’t bother anyone that the web series would be guns and gesticulation instead of story and speculation. This isn’t difficult folks, the game’s main feature is being able to rip people’s bodies to shreds and move on to the next victim in a tournament designed to decide the fate of our planet or…something like that. The web series has a similar plot, but you’ll only get the tournament part of the plot if you saw the webisode that was released a while back, introducing us to Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Baraka, and Johnny Cage (the has been action movie star who somehow ended up working for the Deacon City Police Department).

The acting was, as expected, pretty mediocre, BUT (and I AM going to do this) compared to the LAST live action Mortal Kombat movie, this was Citizen Kane (I know, I know, it’s really boring, but it’s this BIG deal), however, I digress. Michael Jai White (who plays Jaks, the character most people remember as the “Dude who suddenly got cybernetic arms that had machine guns and lasers”) ends up playing the role Clive Owen has been playing for a while; “Angry main character” and I’m not joking about that. Apparently, his partner is kidnapped by some evil terrorist who’s creating these deadly sonic weapons and this gives him an excuse to literally “F*** protocol” and be really angry. I’m not letting this go, I get that it was for 12 minutes, but MAN can that guy hold a scowl! It was similar to a scenario in which a person informed Tony Stark that his parents were killed like Bruce Wayne’s while simultaneously revealing to him that he is actually a refugee of Krypton, while telling him that both Pepper and Rhodey were killed by the Green Lanterns. In case you’re wondering? HE’D BE MAAAAAAD, specifically? Like Michael Jai White in Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

I will, however, say this: the series is shot rather well. The angling is perfect, the fight scenes are relatively well choreographed, and the sound effects are both effective and well done. It’s not going to win an Oscars (for obvious reasons), but it isn’t the ugliest thing lying around the internet and, frankly, I’m glad.

I have a major problem with Legacy though. It’s supposed to be a “Gritty” reboot of the Mortal Kombat live action franchise, and considering that you’re able to rip people’s spines out of their vertebral columns, is it REALLY necessary to fill in the space with something “Gritty?” Actually, that’s a rather good point, isn’t it? There’s a scene where several of the enemy Kombatants are shot and blood is CGI’d at the camera. It’s rather interesting because up until that point, the overall hemo-count was rather low, so it felt like they were REALLY trying with that one, but that’s a bit off point.

The point is this: so far, the series hasn’t been too bad. I remember reading an article talking about how the first movie or episodes of a series that has to do with video games or comic books are usually slow paced because they try to fill in back stories for those who are new, so considering that what I saw was essentially a bunch of angry people who could perform kung fu and use guns really well, I surmise that Legacy is going to fix the problems that Mortal Kombat’s live action franchise has been having.

As always, this has been your Admin, and DO remember! Kombat, whether Mortal or otherwise can easily be resolved through less violent means, such as mediated discussion. Ironically, Mortal Kombat understands that, hence “MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!”



    • Sameer
    • April 14th, 2011

    okay so what’s weird is that i don’t understand like what you were talking about

    • Well, this was pretty much a review of the Mortal Kombat webseries, that new one that they released the 7 minute trailer of last year, I believe.

    • Sameer
    • April 14th, 2011

    I need an explanation

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