The Past and The Present

I spent the entire day trying to figure out how I could possibly write up a post on philosophy, and as I usually do, I consulted several sources to find my answer. At first, I tried the internet, and as usual, I got side-tracked somewhere on Wikipedia and before I knew it, I ended up looking up the entire single’s catalogue for The Beatles. Not a good start, to say the least. Afterwards I tried searching through an encyclopaedia for my answer, but that didn’t get me very far, mainly because it was very simplistic and it provided answers that were far too general.

So, in my confused and annoyed state, I decided to try the internet one more time and searched for “Philosophy.” I found my answer, as humans often do, in the verse of Broadway. I’m not kidding about this, I looked up philosophy and ended up with “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” that musical about, well, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. There was a song called “My Philosophy” by Lucy, and it essentially detailed her beliefs, the only problem being that she constantly CHANGED said philosophy.

Oddly enough, that one song triggered a memory of a article that I once read. I’d cite the article, but I honestly can’t remember what it was, all I remember is a line that said “you’ll end up changing your life plans every 2 years, thinking to yourself ‘I was such an idiot back then, and I’m a genius now!'” The similarity being that we constantly change our goals, and adapt our ideals and philosophy. Much like Lucy, humans constantly change their opinions and constantly adapt themselves to their environment, etc.

This brings up the question: when is it right to ignore the past and embrace the present? Frankly? I’m still looking for the answer myself, so I can’t ENTIRELY answer that, but what I CAN say, is this: never forget your past, but don’t let it CONTROL your future. Take from that what you will, and I’m sure many will attempt to argue what I just wrote and YES. There ARE exceptions; but the point is this: the past is the past, and the future is the future. If anything, at least try to LEARN from your past so you don’t bloody well make the same mistakes in the future!

NOW! I believe I’ve ranted for quite enough time, therefore; as always, this has been your Admin, and remember! Sometimes you need to put your behind, PAST you! Or is that the other way around?


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