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We’ve decided to up the ante so to speak. Now, the twitter feed will also be a continuation of the blog. For those who don’t have twitter, don’t fret! Our home page has always had the twitter feed running, but for those who DO have twitter, well…well nothing actually, you’ll just be getting the same information, except you’ll have to follow us to get it. Or just view our page, it isn’t that difficult actually. There really is no reason for this, other than the fact that some days we just don’t want to write a long rant etc; well, no, that’s not quite right, we ALWAYS want to rant, but it’s a matter of time management you see. With the twitter feed becoming our secondary source, we can easily update on the go, without having to worry too much about time.

We still need a name for the twitter segment, so we’ll be working on that, however, apart from that, we’re good to go! Expect updates throughout the day etc. and as always, this has been your Admin, and DO remember! Tweet constantly, and twitter often, but don’t be a tweeting twit!


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