Indecisiveness; A Decidedly Troublesome Problem

It’s been a while since our last post. Specifically? It’s been about 3 or so days and in THAT TIME, several things have happened repeatedly. I’ve been faced with a decision, I’ve placed decisions in the hands of others, and I’ve expected answers and choices from the people whom I ask. And you know what I’m sick and tired of? Indecisiveness! And I don’t mean the shoddy kind of “Oh don’t ask me I don’t want to choose, you pick” type of indecisiveness. I mean the “Oh I don’t know, maybe this…WAIT NO! I’ll go with that! No, no, oh which one do you want? No not that…” kind of decision making that leads to a lot of MY time being wasted, and frankly? It’s infuriating me! I’m beyond the point of being bothered, and I’m quite not livid just yet, but I’m certainly infuriated and I’m certainly going to RANT!

Here’s the thing decisions. They’re important…like REALLY important. So important that YES, your ENTIRE life depends mostly on the outcomes you’ve been placed in (first) and your decisions regarding those outcomes (second). See how I phrased that? That means that yes, if you’ve been born to a terrible set of outcomes, you still have SOME decisions to make, the only difference is that the stuff you’ll be picking is FAR from what I’ll be picking. Let’s remember that “Good” and “Bad” are fluid concepts, and “Losing” and “Winning” are even more so; therefore my decisions regarding the day are definitely going to differ from those of the German, Singaporean, South African, Brazilian, and American humans who also wake up at their equivalents of 7:30 AM. But that’s a different story entirely regarding individuality and the irony in such a concept (we’re working on a rant for that; one that isn’t filled with curse words and one that doesn’t insult every single school of thought within the first paragraph. We’re looking at you V.B. Roberts, you know what you wrote).

Back to the original point: decisions are IMPORTANT. Meaning that when you’re faced with a decision, UNDERSTAND the position you’re in, REFLECT on your choices, and (good grief) PROVIDE an answer. Preferably? One that doesn’t conclude with “What do you recommend?” because I’ve already PROVIDED you with my opinion on the matter and I’ve DEFINITELY already provided my thoughts on the matter, so DON’T ask me again because my original answer won’t change (extreme examples notwithstanding) and I am certainly going to feel rather proud of your BRILLIANT decisive powers.

The problem, that I’ve noticed actually, is that we are continuing to move forward in a world where being indecisive is not becoming as troublesome as it once was. We, as a society are being given more and more second chances, meaning that we have quite a bit of time to reconsider older decisions and change them. This is all fine and dandy, but the problem is that on the spot decisions are becoming more and more rare, which frankly? Is infuriating me! Yes, you can change your mind later, but shouldn’t that be the least of your worries, considering you haven’t decided NOW?

At this time, I remember Avatar Roku’s words to Aang in the first part of Sozin’s Comet (the Avatar the Last Airbender series finale) “…You must be decisive” words that fit rather well, all things considered. YES. We live in a world where you are often given second chances (depending on your outcomes and the prior decisions you’ve made) and this is fine. I thoroughly enjoy hearing success stories about people who struggle through life, complete some sort of whatever to gain knowledge and then go on turning their lives around completely, being able to live the lives that they dreamed about. This is fantastic, in my opinion. But here’s the thing that we all need to remember: decisions are important (and I don’t just mean things like where to eat, where to shop, where to attend school, where to live, who to speak to, what to eat, etc.; I mean EVERYTHING), so when faced with a choice, YES we should take our time and think about it, but we still need to make a decision! Otherwise, we lose a very important part of our humanity, a part that almost entirely defines cultures and civilizations; choice.

I suppose it’s rather heavy handed to claim that we lose choice when someone decides to waste my time by not deciding on something as simple as blue or green, or pastel or oil, 4 or 8 gigs. However the fact of the matter is this: decisions are important, so PLEASE make up your mind. As always, this has been your Admin and DO remember! Make up your mind yourself, before someone else does it for you!


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