Distractions; Oi, Troublesome

A few of our 13 or so (-rimshot-) readers may be asking themselves a rather straightforward question. Namely? WHAT in the name of GRIEF has happened to the promised posts? A few days ago we promised a Kesha post, and THEN we promised a distractions post. In case anyone’s wondering? We failed to deliver on both. Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re not apologizing for ANY of that, mainly because this IS the distractions post. See, we decided to delay things a little to prove a point. Also, we (see: I) decided to take a few liberties with posting to test a theory of mine. Luckily, and thankfully, that theory was proven at about 10:00 am this morning. But that’s secondary information, seeing as how I’m the only one who was really concerned with the theory. As for the distractions post, well, SURPRISE! It’s taken a while, but it’s here….technically.

So…YEAH! We got distracted a little, but frankly, isn’t that what we were going for? We had a date set to work on the post, we got ideas, and then we got distracted with other more interesting stuff. Stuff like…that…and this…and so on and so forth. The problem however is that we became so distracted that we literally decided to scrap the original idea and try to come up with something new to make up for it. The only problem is that we ended up getting distracted even more. The thing about our distraction is that no matter what we REALLY tried to do, we ended up getting even more distracted. This, for those of you who are wondering is BAD. REALLY REALLY bad. Especially if you’ve got deadlines to meet and people to please. Seeing as how we’re a blog and whenever we post that we’re working on a post on our twitter feed we update at least 5-6 hours later and it’s been about 3 days, you can see how we’re working on a MAJOR deadline that we’ve missed.

However, our distraction only account for SOME of the overall problem. We, alright you know what? No, I’m going to stop. This is your Admin speaking, so I’m going to stop using “We” unless I actually mean to talk about more than just me.

Back to my original point, distractions are annoying and troublesome, but that much any 4th grade teacher can point out to you, and that much you can find out when you’ve an important assignment to work on that’s conspicuously due the next day (which isn’t fantastic, let me tell you), so what IS the point? Is it that distractions are essentially a “gateway” problem, problems that lead to worse ones? Or is it that we currently live in a world where almost anything and almost everything WILL distract you from accomplishing a task? Or maybe it’s that we expect tasks to be made easier, so we allow ourselves to get distracted in order to avoid doing them? Well, I don’t know about the rest of YOU humans, but I believe I’ve found MY problem and for the first time, I’ve found an answer to one of my questions.

I’ve been saying it for quite a bit of time, but things are difficult, and life has certainly gotten more difficult. I mean this in a strictly philosophical point of view of course, life is getting more and more difficult. Prices are going up, jobs are getting harder to find, schooling is becoming more and more intense and the worst part? Everyone else seems to be capable of doing everything better than me, myself, and I. And that really is as bad as it gets; when everything seems bad and people handle it better than you. NOW, we (I know what I wrote, I’m including you in this writing now) ALL know for a fact that there are always going to be people who are better than us. It’s the logical order; once you become the best, people will try to take your place, and then people will try to take their place and so on and so forth. Humans are competitive, then again, so are MOST organisms in our universe, but I digress.

So yeah! We know that there are people who are better than us. Whatever it IS they’re better than us at is up in the air frankly, and that’s a fluid concept, but we’ve already talked about how much harder they try and how much harder we try than those who want to be better than us (and don’t go around telling me that there aren’t any people who want to be like us; we all know that the grass SEEMS greener on the other side) so that doesn’t seem like a very logical thing to infer. But that’s pretty much the thing; it all comes down to how hard we try and how hard we actually work at something. THAT (ironically) is EXACTLY what causes most distractions (well, my distractions), and most importantly, that’s what causes us to avoid hard work.

Times are tough, that’s always been a universal truth, and we all need to work hard at whatever it is we need to work hard on (for me? It’s updating the blog faster and, more importantly, on time). But getting distracted is not the right way to avoid work. In fact, there IS no right way to avoid to work. We, as a whole need to focus and get to work. But, hey, who am I to talk? I’ve avoided working on one measly blog post for about 3 or 4 days, I could be making ZERO sense whatsoever. Then again, I probably am! As always, this has been your Admin, and DO remember! Stop getting distracted and wasting time on the internet…OH but OUR blog you can read. Yeah, that sounds about right, now doesn’t it?


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