Nothing; Kinda Makes You Wonder, Doesn’t It?

“TBC: a lot of what we do is inconsequential, but we need to do it anyway, to prove that we DO have consequence”

That right up there is one of the latest The Byte Corner posts, a rather existential comment on the consequence, or lack thereof, of our choices. Seems kinda heavy handed doesn’t it? Well, rest assured, that lovely little statement up there is a rather obvious truth. A LOT of what we do has very little meaning…in the LONG RUN, and that much is an almost universally observable truth. But, by now, I’m sure we can all deduce and conjecture what is and isn’t a universal truth. So the question we now ask ourselves is this: if everything we do has no consequence, what’s the point in doing anything? More over, what’s the point in listening to those who urge us to change our ways and actually DO something with our lives?

The answer, believe it or not isn’t that extraordinary, because it’s the simple truth that we, as a community, or a neighbourhood, city, nation, and planet are, in fact, NOT alone. Now, before anyone begins to formulate a well thought and planned argument to enable me to change my mind (-rimshot-), finish reading first. Now, where was I? Oh yes! We are not alone. Yes, THAT lovely tidbit of data! Well, we’re not, and ironically enough, THAT is exactly why everything we do has consequence. It’s the same theory behind the “One Vote Makes a Difference” concept. One vote doesn’t make a difference. At ALL, but when everyONE vote counts, and everyONE vote provides a single option, then one vote makes a MASSIVE difference. Likewise, everything we do is without consequence, but if every single human on this planet does something without consequence, sooner or later THERE WILL BE consequence! Especially if every human acts in a similarly selfish manner under the argument that their actions are inconsequential.

Now the next important point to discuss is the whole “Why bother doing anything with our lives?” Well, that question was pretty much answered earlier; if we all decide to give up and I mean ALL of us, not just one, two, or five, but each and every single ONE of us decide to give up, well, that’d be KINDA troublesome, hmm? The one thing that we often remember is that when we combine ourselves with others to form a group, or any of the other large sized bodies listed earlier, we gain the ability to form consequence. Meaning that when we’re larger (and I mean socially, not culturally) we have a larger voice, something that, sadly, isn’t entirely obvious to very many people. This is why the “One Vote” concept can be solicited, one vote makes no difference, but if everyONE votes, consequence is created and things happen.

That, incidentally, is how we MAKE something have meaning and that, coincidentally, is why we DO things. Because, simply put, despite the fact that we know we have no meaning, and despite the fact that we know our actions are meaningless, we know that if enough people do something, or if enough people believe something, or if enough people WANT something, it can and most likely WILL happen. Whether it relates to a leader, a song, or even the choice between Chinese and Indian. It is this consequential force that drives us and, oddly enough, the force that makes us FIND meaning in our otherwise pointless and meaningless lives.

Then again, what do I know? It’s not like I go out of my way on an almost daily basis to prove that point over and over again. As always this has been your Admin, and DO remember! Yes, the nihilists are right; nothing DOES have meaning, but that’s only because we haven’t made something out nothing.


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