Blood Brothers (n vs. n) Analysis

Date: May 14th, 2011

Alright, before we start this analysis, I need to make something remarkably clear. I am REALLY excited for this. I mean, as soon as the play started, two things were made abundantly clear to me; I was going to have to write a review of the play (with references to actors and roles, without using any REAL names) and I was going to have to post a major analysis of the play, and by analysis I meant something that was a rant. That made me even more excited to see the play too, which well, I’m sure if you’re reading the ANALYSIS, you’ve read the review. If you haven’t, well read it YES, but if you’re just in the mood for a rant that’s acceptable as well. I hope you all understand, it’s been an interesting week; things have been fantastic, but I am in the mood for a DAMN good rant.

So let’s begin with the most obvious factor here, the play is pretty much a dramatic interpretation of the classic “Nature vs. Nurture” argument. And I don’t mean that like it’s some magical revelation. No no, this is made REALLY obvious from the moment Mrs. Lyons makes Mrs. Johnston swear on the bible to stop her from revealing their pact to the rest of the world or their children. Though, that’s not entirely fair to the play. The MOST obvious point in the play where nvn (which is what I’m calling nature vs. nature from now on) is discussed is actually when Mickie and Eddie are told by Mrs. Johnston that they’re brothers to each other and Mickie screams at his mother asking her why she didn’t give him away in place of Eddie. Actually…well, clearly you can see my point. Nvn is discussed frequently throughout the play, but my greater point has little to do with the play; are we defined by our genetics or are we defined by our upbringing? Will the asthmatic individual overcome said asthma if he or she is placed in an upbringing where rigorous activity occurs on a daily basis and access to modern medicine is limited? Will the unintelligent boy become a genius if his parents are both scientists for NASA? How IS intelligence defined ANYWAY? These are all questions that are brought up thanks to the nvn concept and frankly, it’s about time someone says it: nature and nurture move humanity forward TOGETHER. See the problem that I’ve noticed, and that I constantly fuel, is that we want a cure. ONE magical item that can provide the ultimate answers to humanity, and this concept of the one item is prominent throughout most of human history. Sadly, now all I can think about is Lord of the Rings and the ONE ring, but still, you can see my point.

This is a problem mainly because human growth, and HUMANITY doesn’t move forward due to a single concept. We are who are and, more importantly, we are WHERE we are because of BOTH our own nature AND how we are raised. Think of it like this: you know the country hicks that all the “educated” people laugh about? Well just think, if that country hick grew up in, oh I don’t know, London, with let’s say a banker father and a teacher mother, he wouldn’t be a country hick anymore! Likewise, if our good friend Hicky’s parents were country hicks who then moved to London, England to have Hickey, he’d also be different. And then you have to factor in Hicky’s own personality that would develop thanks to the media he views and the friends he makes, which makes life even MORE complicated and then we all begin to see the point that it wasn’t JUST Hicky’s environment that raised him. Which is, incidentally, the first actual conclusion I’ve ever presented; nature and nurture work hand in hand to move us forward.

NOW comes the philosophical part, once again thought up thanks to our good actors who played their roles FANTASTICALLY in Blood Brothers; can one event define our entire lives? Or, let me rephrase that, can one single event define us? If you asked Bruce Wayne, he’d say yes, namely because his parents died and he became the god damned Batman (I’m sorry, but it’s Batman, we all know I had to use that quote). Oh oh! If you asked Harry Potter, he’d also say yes! OH! Hey! Frodo too! Anakin, let’s not forget him. What about Ichigo? Or Naruto? Light and L? Or even Edward and Alphonse! Of course, we’re forgetting the important characters of Mrs. Lyons, Sammy Johnston, Mickie Lyons, and Eddie Johnston. Notice that I excluded Mrs. Johnston herself, I surmised that that should’ve been obvious enough to ANY reader. Each of those characters pretty much had their entire lives written for them (and I don’t mean that in the literal sense that they’re nothing more than characters on a page) as soon as they passed through ONE moment. Mrs. Lyons sealed herself as Mrs. Crazy as soon as she decided to fake a pregnancy; Sammy sealed himself as the jailbird as soon as he set his school on fire; Mickie and Eddie sealed themselves as Mickie and Eddie when one had the (mis) fortune to be chosen of the other and so on and so forth. But the major question to be asked is this: did their “one moments” define their entire lives, or did their choices throughout their lives define them?

Well, I personally believe (like I did with nvn) that one moment does not define our entire lives. We define present and future through the actions that we undergo, but I will say this: whether it be an all powerful deity or the unknown universe, 50% of our lives are dictated through a sort of universal randomness. The only way to avoid life, of course, is to not live it; lock yourself up in your home for your entire life, have people deliver groceries, etc. and use the internet and television to discover what the outside world is like and you’ll find that even THEN things won’t turn out EXACTLY how you might plan because of some sort of universal randomness. Also, yes, I believe that this randomness accounts for an exact 50% of our life. You can counter and argue on the comments page (in fact I recommend that you do, trolls and all!).

Finally we come to MY favourite point during this rather long rant; what’s the difference between having bad luck and being in a bad position? Sometimes, the difference is almost nonexistent, other times they’re really noticeable, and I’m going to use an extreme as an example (I HATE reductio ad absurdum by the way, so me doing this is actually torturing me on the inside); YOU (-points- yes you) are involved in a small robbery after being reared in by your brother, your brother loses control and shoots the guy, you both run away and are both caught by the police. You then spend seven years in jail. Was it bad luck or being in a bad position that lead to you being in jail? The answer is actually a fluid concept, because I never mentioned that your wife is pregnant, you’ve both lost your jobs thanks to being made redundant by a MASSIVE recession and you just CANNOT find employment by ANYONE even the company that fired you where you offered to work for half the pay and twice the hours just to get by. So let’s ask again: was it bad luck or being in a bad position? Honestly, this goes back to the other question: can one moment define our entire lives; most importantly was it your nature that made you accept your brothers offer, or was it the environment that you found yourself in?

For the observant readers, you’ll know what I just referenced, but that’s not the point. The point is this: when it comes down to it, I don’t know the difference between bad luck and poor positioning because those are such fluid concepts. And I DEFINITELY don’t know which one trumps the other, nature or nurture (that’s why I just say it’s both and leave it be). Frankly though, I don’t think anyone does. You can argue your points until your both succumb to cyanosis from lack of oxygen to, but neither of you will win. But I DO know this, one moment does NOT control our entire lives. That’s why success stories are possible. That’s why humans can grow and learn from their MISTAKES. That’s why humans can move on and adapt. That’s why we as organisms who share this universe can EVOLVE forward.

Anyway, that was a lot of fun, and DO comment this time. I really want to discuss this further. As always, this has been your Admin, and DO remember! Always look on the Byte side life!


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