Stupidity; Know That You Really Know Nothing

So folks, clearly we’re all still here, meaning that the Rapture rumours turned out to be false! It’s a shame too, since I hadn’t really planned for the next 60 or so years. OH WAIT, that’s RIGHT. I DID have that much time planned and frankly, getting involved in ANOTHER search for some powerful move that can only be acquired by getting Adam is NOT on my todo list. That’s what the Rapture rumours were, right?

No, no, I’m joking, I’m joking…or am I? Though the whole rapture thing did bring something to my attention, well NO, it didn’t just MAGICALLY point it out to me, but while discussing it with friends and acquaintances I noticed that oh good grief why even bother beating around the bush? PEOPLE ARE STUPID. They are MORONS and most of the time I CANNOT tolerate how DUMB we can be! And before you even bother bringing up the two most obvious points on your minds; NO I’m not talking about religion, I refuse to be close minded to other cultures (STUPID by the way, is NOT a culture, though the way I’ve been exposed to it, it might as well BE!) so this isn’t ACTUALLY about religion. SECOND. YES, I am guilty of being stupid as well, so don’t even bother with that moronic point. Of course, there IS a third point that I haven’t brought up that you’re probably thinking, or at least, it should be a derivation of this point, though the fact of the matter is that I’m going to bring it up later.

So here’s the thing: people are stupid, but the thing is, stupid is a really stupid concept. So what might be stupid to me wouldn’t necessarily be stupid to someone else, but the fact of the matter is that the third question you should be asking yourself needs to be brought up right now: people are stupid, so how do we fix that? The first, and most obvious, method is to ignore the REALLY stupid stuff, or rather let the really stupid stuff go, and then move on with your work or life accordingly.

The next thing we could do is this: use Pavlovian tactics to try to TEACH people how to NOT be stupid, but that’s really cartoony and that wouldn’t work anyway, because there’s ANOTHER problem we haven’t thought through. There will ALWAYS be stupid people in this world because not everyone thinks the same, and that’s what’s going to cause problems in the world. People disagreeing with other people will lead to conflicts and frankly, we already know that. But that problem is that we don’t. Even now, I’m expecting a lot of you to agree with me on this, even though I’ve never met you and even though I have no reason to. This is because opinion is NOT objective. It is ENTIRELY subjective, and though we always PROVIDE our opinions, we (or rather, I) often forget that people do NOT have to agree with me.

Although, another thing that I should probably mention is that a lot of times, we (and again, I) don’t know what INTELLIGENT actually is. For example, we look at a profound pianist, or perhaps an artist, or a physicist and claim that they’re geniuses. And then we look at so called “lesser” individuals and wonder where they’ve gone wrong, or rather, what happened to them that changed their lives, while the truth is that often, NOTHING has gone wrong. They are, for all intents and purposes NOT stupid, because they have done what THEY wanted to do. In all fairness though, is it REALLY fair letting a “genius” physicist judge intelligence? If they were smart at all, they’d know that they know absolutely nothing. But really, that’s what makes people smart or intelligent, they’re smart enough to know that they know nothing, and that’s why they don’t just stop learning after one lesson and preach to people about what they’ve learned. It’s because stupidity and intelligence are one and the same. And sooner or later, no matter HOW smart you are, something will make you feel stupid or inadequate.

Though that’s the interesting thing isn’t it? You feel inadequate, but then you realize that you need to know that too, so you can learn even more. Because that’s what intelligence is really. It isn’t really knowing HOW to do something so much as it is being able to LEARN how to do that something. See how I phrased that? It means that the journey’s more important than the destination. It also means that rational thought doesn’t make you smart; even thinking rationally doesn’t make you smart, because rational thought is as fluid as the air in the atmosphere, and therefore changes constantly. Then again, what do I know? Oh wait, that’s right. Nothing! Not YET anyway!

As always, this has been your Admin and DO remember! Always look on the BYTE side of life!


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