Arguments; Sometimes It’s Best To Just Give Up

The article that I wrote a while back on E3 was terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen 2nd graders who have written more detailed and comprehensive works than that last article, so suffice it to say, it was TERRIBLE. Luckily for all of the readers however, I was thoroughly informed about this fact by quite a few of my friends when they told me about this fact REPEATEDLY. The one thing they didn’t do very well is ARGUE their points , and frankly, that’s a trend I’m beginning to notice. Individuals will have an opinion, or they will take a certain point of view and then NOT argue it. Yes, they will become defensive when asked and they’ll make a fuss about it if they’re challenged, but the disappointing and EXTREMELY infuriating point is that they will end the discussion with nothing more than a “because I said so” and expect me (and those around me) to accept this as both a valid and ENTIRELY acceptable response. When it is most DEFINITELY not.

I suppose I should define what an ARGUMENT really is; according to the minds of google, an argument is: An exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one. So long story short? People share different opinions and then they TALK about it. In a heated or angry fashion; and HOPEFULLY one where the two parties try their best to show to the other party why they are right or why they are wrong. It’s not a place where you disagree and begin to hurl insults at ONE ANOTHER but at one another’s POINTS and arguments. You don’t attack the OTHER guy directly, you attack his POINTS. That’s how you win arguments and debates; you either prove that you’re right and rest the point entirely, or prove that the OTHER individual’s point (or pointS) are incorrect or poorly constructed so they can go and (A) learn from their mistake or (B) stop them from looking like fools in front of an audience that would (or COULD) care FAR more. Suffice it to say, you don’t call your opponent an idiot and expect them to accept their designation, because THEN the idiot will call you a moron and so on and so forth leading to a MAJOR disagreement and absolutely NO ground covered.

I get it, people have rough days, they lead rough lives and things look bleak sometimes, I really DO understand that point. That’s why I can let the petty arguments we have about small things go. Well, I try my best to, and if I CAN’T let it go, then I try to calm down before I go and start talking about it again (mainly because my opponent probably knows EXACTLY what they’re going to say to me in a state where I won’t listen to reason; they’ll simply abandon reason themselves). HOWEVER, the LARGE arguments that we have or rather, the arguments that ACTUALLY matter are the important ones and if you (as my opponent) aren’t going to try hard enough to voice your opinion, than I’m simply going to treat you as a weak minded individual and (perhaps worse) simply avoid you entirely. Which, as we all know will get both of us ABSOLUTELY nowhere, which will lead to a stalemate of views.

Readers, you have to understand; this article isn’t condemning those who are slow minded or dull. I personally believe that almost any point can be argued by almost any individual so long as said individual is capable of rational and reasonable thought to the point where they can speak the same language as the person they’re arguing against. That’s right folks, get into a fight with a person who speaks Na’vi and you won’t get very far at all; assuming that Na’vi is ALL they speak. I, on the other hand, AM condemning those who ARE capable of rational and reasonable thought and provide no proof or evidence as to why they are right. They merely expect you to accept that they ARE accurate on the basis that they are (in regards to the topic at hand) superior than you. Actually, no scratch that, not SUPERIOR so much as they KNOW more about the topic than you and therefore you need to accept the data as such. This takes us back to intelligence once again and our society’s views on it. One assumes that just because they are formidable in ONE area, they are thus formidable everywhere else when this is wrong entirely. Though this isn’t accurate for everyone.

Nothing infuriates me more than an opponent who HAS argued to the best of their ability, who HAS provided the necessary data and evidence and has LOST. Yes, there is nothing I hate more than a sore loser who HAS lost the argument because their relatively strong points were WEAKER than one’s own, yet they refuse to admit their defeat. Instead, they go to the ultimate “I lost but am saving face” phrase “Let’s agree to disagree,” which is about as useful as saying “I’ve lost, but I don’t want to show it.” OH WAIT. That’s RIGHT. They HAVE lost and they don’t want to show it, which is why they agree to disagree! They have NO MORE points to make and whatever breathe they DO have left will be thrown back into their lungs to push up their chests and suggest that BOTH of you are equally accurate (yet inaccurate) to avoid humiliation at their OWN hands. The fact is this: we don’t like to lose, and even if the other individual doesn’t care, being right, winning, etc. is so important and is SO ingrained in our skulls that if it’s an option between losing and being wrong or losing yet saving face (while simultaneously looking foolish and moronic) we will chose the save face option so EVERYONE knows that we really could have won if this or that. When the reality is that we lost.

Here is the thing that everyone must know: I lose almost EVERY argument I have. No matter how strong my point is; no matter HOW well worded it is; no matter WHO my opponent is, I will almost CERTAINLY lose ANY argument I get into. But I ACCEPT the loss. I don’t “agree to disagree” to save face, though that’s because I no longer have any face TO lose. So perhaps that’s what we all should go through. Maybe we all need to be told that we’re going to lose SOMETHING someday to prepare for the day when we inevitably are no longer able to win. Perhaps then and ONLY then will we supersede our petty need to be right about EVERYTHING and to win EVERYTHING and perhaps we’ll finally be able to have a reasonable discussion without someone pointing out that the proper phrase we should have used was in fact “To whom” and NOT “To who.” Until that day, I’ll be here and there and everywhere announcing my almost inevitable losses and basking in my utter lack of argumentative glory.

As always, this has been your Admin, comment, and DO remember! Always look on the BYTE side of life!


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