So We’re Back; Now What?

If anyone’s been paying attention to the twitter feed over the past few days, they’ll notice that I’ve been back from the hiatus for quite some time, back…in a certain DARK shade, one might even say. SO, to “Celebrate” me being back, I’ve decided to start doing somethings a LITTLE differently. The first things to present is a minor tweak to the twitter feed; from now on, anything posted on twitter will have the letters “TBC” predating it. This isn’t a very MAJOR change, but I decided to be a little consistent with my work. TBC stands for (as it has always stood for) The Byte Corner, the name of the twitter feed. However, I haven’t been very consistent with MAINTAINING that the TBC is, in fact, the TBC. So from now on, anything posted to twitter belongs on twitter. Take from that what you will, but I rather like the idea, so therefore! I declare it to be done!

Next up to discuss is the WeeklyReview. In the vein of many news websites, I’ve decided to begin posting a weekly review of everything discussed on the blog (with links) in addition to a weekly review of things that happened to me. I may also complain about the news, I may also complain about movies, and I may also complain about Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.” Play this one by ear; additionally, the latest post found here is the first ever WeeklyReview, except this was a review of two weeks. It’s kinda weird, and it’ll be tweaked a LOT over the coming forever, but I am fairly certain that this is a good idea…yeah, FAIRLY certain. The WeeklyReview will be found every Saturday, and if NOT, well then feel free to complain where ever you chose, I’ll be more than happy to address the complaints with more complaints, quite a bit of sarcasm, and genuine heart felt honesty. The honesty may not be genuine OR heart felt. Play that one by ear too.

For now, that’s everything to talk about. As always this has been your Admin, comment, and DO remember! Always look on the BYTE side of life!


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