Loudmouthed and Obnoxious; Is That Really So Bad?

A very interesting concept has recently come to my attention; what if, for once in our lives, we all become loud mouthed obnoxious human beings? What’s the worst that would happen? Would we all dissolve into a state of tribal warfare, where multiple castes arise and each is ruled by a separate power? Would the world dissolve into martial law, where only the strong survive? Or would everything remain relatively the same, except that more feelings are hurt and in the process more work is accomplished because more people ask stupid questions where they aren’t afraid of being wrong, or (furthermore) being proven wrong? Better yet, if we all (for a day of course) regressed into an infantile state where we say everything that’s on our minds, would the world really implode, or would everyone just ignore the useless information and only take in the useful information? That is to say, would we care about who calls us fat or would we just focus on the people trying to give us the facts that ACTUALLY matter?

Well I, for one, need to draw a comparison between the options present for “Civilized” human society and the options we have in regards to how we treat each other and “Act” in general. On one hand, we have the polite individuals; for those who don’t know, there are the people who respect the social conventions behind manners. They don’t speak with their mouths full, they don’t put their elbows on the table during mealtimes, they don’t insult someone’s idea because it’s different than their own, they don’t call out illogical errors on a speakers part and they always remember to buy a nice bottle of wine or bring a cake or even flowers whenever they visit the homes of friends. On the other hand, we have the exact opposite; these are the people who are disrespectful of others. They blare Fat-Bottom Girls at exactly the right moment, they point out small flaws and insecurities and various people and MOST importantly, they show a complete and utter lack of disregard for MOST social conventions. Suffice it to say, if their heads weren’t attached to their bodies, they’d be rolling on the ground thanks to a random attack from a passerby who they’d insulted.

So, based on these two possible options of how to “Behave” one really must ask: apart from the obvious safety associated with being polite, what are the benefits of NOT being loud mouthed and obnoxious? Likewise, what are the benefits of NOT being polite and prim as a China tea pot? The answer: simply put, it’s more fun to be loud mouthed and obnoxious than it is to be polite and proper. Now don’t get me wrong, it is FAR safer to be polite; people won’t constantly feel the need to point out your rudeness, and they won’t feel the need to point out that what you’re saying is inaccurate nor will they point out how improper you’re being. Incidentally, however, if one manages to maintain a certain level of decency with their loud mouthed obnoxious ways, they will find that the world magically opens itself to a new level of possibilities that are previously unseen if one chooses to stick to the mannered way.

For example, it’s very difficult to properly vocalize your opinion in a polite manner, and moreover it is EXTREMELY difficult to debate or even ask a proper question when one is polite. The reasoning is quite simple really; appearances are absolutely everything in the world, and how one acts leads people to certain inferences and implications about the certain individual. That being said, if one is polite all the time, others assume that they are well educated and that they come from a kind and respectful family, when the truth could be that they are merely afraid of being proven wrong and have found that by being polite and amiable, they are “Picked” on less and therefore they don’t need to be held as responsible. Contrarily, if one is loud and obnoxious, others assume that they are hyper active or socially inept, when the truth might be that they are just as educated as the polite person is supposed to be and that their social skills are further developed. Though those are rather flimsy arguments to base myself upon. The fact of the matter is that before we are judged on how we speak, we are judged on how we look (which includes, but is not limited to, the way we walk, the way we dress, the was we accessorize, the way we stand, who we are standing next to, where we are standing and [my personal favourite one] which hands are in our pockets and whether or not ANY hands are in our pockets), so whether or not we are loud mouthed and obnoxious is one of the LAST things one is judged upon.

Therefore, it can be said that such a thing is almost entirely inconsequential apart from the obvious social situations; interviews are almost always the first thought. Getting disciplined by authority figures is another situation; if you’re already in trouble for disturbing the peace, proving that you’re NOT a threat or a hazard by screaming at the top of your lungs and insulting the authority figure will DEFINITELY not help the situation. However, I have a belief; it is more fun to be loud mouthed and obnoxious because it enables you to look at life with a rather simple view. You are able to tell the truth and people will often challenge you and your statements and (if you’re able to provide SOME argument) you’ll find that the world is a far more interesting place if you open yourself up to the possibilities of NOT being polite.

I will say this on a final note, however; be polite when you have to and when it is MANDATORY, otherwise, be a loud mouth and see where it gets you. You’ll notice that it doesn’t necessarily close all of the doors that we have been taught. Then again, it might not open any doors for you. Though, what do I know? I’m loud mouthed and obnoxious and if you want to, you can find mistakes and loop holes riddled throughout all of my work, ESPECIALLY faulty arguments that have no ground to stand on. Remember this, however: I’m going to learn about all of these mistakes because being a loud mouth lets people be more open towards me (they will that I’m prepared to accept criticism; it’s actually quite interesting) and they’re more vocal towards me. Likewise, I’m more vocal towards them, which is why small things like keeping my mouth shut aren’t as easy as one would hope!

As always, this has been your Admin, comment and criticize and DO remember! Always look on the BYTE side of life!


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