Writing Styles; Stepping Out Of The Ordinary

Over the course of four months, since I began this blog and writing articles, I’ve noticed something rather interesting (well, interesting to me anyway) about my writing style that I’m sure any teacher could point out quickly. My style is very loose and impersonal; it’s not very formal and the most important part is that I write as I would speak, choosing to use certain phrases and words that are only truly carried in speech. That being said, I also tend to write my articles as I would an actual speech, with pauses and emphasis placed throughout to allow one to imagine a human voice speaking directly to them (in place of a voice in your head that sounds out the words that you read on the page). Suffice it to say, if anyone’s read anything else in this world (whether in English, Spanish, Japanese, or Vietnamese) they will almost immediately notice that my writing is either lacking in sophistication or tact (take your pick really), which frankly doesn’t really matter to me. Oh, and in case anyone’s wondering, this is the “Step out of the ordinary current” article, so if you’re not interested, well then I suppose you’re going to have to leave.

Allow me to explain, first, however what I mean by “Step out of the ordinary current.” I don’t mean go ahead and jaywalk in a busy street without looking to check both ways first; nor do I mean to go and completely ignore social graces by punching a dolphin in the face (I’ve discovered The Oatmeal by the way); I also, definitely don’t mean to try a new dinner mannerism by throwing your plate against a wall and jumping up and down on the meal before eating it. Then again, I also kinda do mean to do those things because there are certain standards and practices that only occur because nothing else has been tried. I touched upon this aspect regarding music in a tweet a month ago where I stated that new music only exists because of old music. This was during a trip to the Downtown Toronto Distillery District during the jazz festival; here I had the pleasure of listening to a French jazz ensemble that combined Punk and Rock with traditional French jazz, with the results being absolutely fantastic. While listening, the age old argument of “Old vs. New” came to my mind and all throughout I couldn’t think of anything other than “The New only exists because of the Old.” Which is, for all intents and purposes, the truth. New music only exists by having its roots deeply founded in older, more classical music. Punk, for example, has chords and rhythms found in classical music by Beethoven and Mozart, and the same can be said for almost every other genre. Rock takes from country, country takes from punk and everything takes from Bach.

However, another truth is the fact that things are only new because someone decided to forgo the old and move onto a different idea. They did this by stepping out of their ordinary current (ordinary being a preordained decision or concept, instead of the normal definition that refers to something that is simple or dull) and coming up with a different and original concept that still had its roots in an older design, and this, incidentally relates back to my earlier point about my writing style. I write in a very loose and impersonal manner where I can afford to get carried away with meaningless exposition; I can rant and tirade without having to worry about following set rules because most times out of ten I haven’t the faintest idea as to what my point is and I usually figure something out in the end. This is why I could never submit any of my articles to any newspapers or writing competitions: because I would lose and be laughed out of the contests and probably go home, run to my room and cry myself to sleep before waking up and repeating this process for the next 3 hours. Suffice it to say, what I write for TheByteDaily wouldn’t be sent anywhere because it doesn’t really have it’s own place other than here. It’s part Op-Ed and part writing whatever it is I want to write about (which is pretty much an Op-Ed in more words. Also, it doesn’t have the journalistic ZING that I love so much), so it doesn’t really have it’s place in the professional world or anywhere else, for that matter.

This writing style is absolutely and completely different from any other style I’ve learned and the only reason I’m doing it is because I have the opportunity to experiment with it. Notice that this is exactly my original point; step out of the ordinary current (ordinary being the generally accepted writing principles of detailing your thoughts and summarizing them in the opening paragraph so the reader is able to understand what they are reading, and so on and so forth. Let’s also not forget that most essays are written in the third person, though opinion essays are given direct leeway. Newspaper and magazine articles, furthermore have certain paragraphs that detail certain facts and pieces of data), try new things and attempt to eradicate and learn from older principles. To tell the truth, I haven’t really done anything too extreme to know what would happen if I were to completely ignore older principles (like the dinner mannerism example from earlier), but I do know for a fact that there are certain steps and methods in writing that don’t need to be followed if one wants to have an interesting and intelligent piece of work. These previous steps were set up by guidelines to ensure an appropriate understanding of the written language, and they are extremely important; though the truth is that, more often naught, these steps are time consuming and extremely difficult to replicate because everyone has their own little derivation to work with (which only makes things even more complicated, though I digress). The point I should’ve made a few paragraphs ago is that the only way to properly move forward is through trying new things and by applying old principles to new ideas. The only difficult part is getting enough people interested in your work (and you, more importantly) to notice what you’ve done; without landing yourself in a boiling pot of hot water. Oh, and the most important thing? Step out of the ordinary, and try your best to try new things without destroying good dinner ware. It’s so difficult finding decent dinner ware these days.

As always, this has been your Admin; comment and criticize and DO remember! Always look on the BYTE side of life!




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