The Late Review of a French Barbeque (TheWeeklyReview Issue 8)

Alright everyone, it’s that time of the week again; time for me to discuss what happened personally this week, and to discuss any ideas I’ve had that weren’t long enough for any other article! Well, that and to talk about the articles I did publish this week, or to just rant again (except with TheWeeklyReview, I’m ranting for a special occasion). Either way, without further ado, let’s begin TheWeeklyReview!

Although, before I begin, I’d like to first talk about the island hopping tour I took a few days ago. Or rather, I’d like to not talk about it; I’m certainly not going to discuss what I did or saw on the trip because I’ve come to the realization that it is actually impossible to talk about the island hopping tour. I’m not trying to segue into a discussion of the trip through some sort of reverse psychological maneuver, I’m genuinely stating that I can’t formulate words into a coherent sentence to describe what happened. Not because there’s nothing to talk about, but because whenever I do try to sit down and talk about it, only the most boring and preposterously mind numbing sentences come out of my mouth that entirely fail to encapsulate how much fun the day was. Now, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, I’m the kind of person who can literally talk about the most boring topics at no end and, when it comes to the tour, I’m physically incapable of creating and writing an interesting summary. Which is why, from this day onwards, I’m going to make sure that whenever I discuss the island hopping tour in question, I’m going to call it The Island Hopping Tour. Notice, if you will, the capitalization of all the words in that title; it’s very important that you understand how legendary The Island Hopping Tour is becoming in my mind; I don’t believe there ever was or will be a similar experience (mainly because I’ll actually be able to talk about everything else).

Moving away from my inability to talk about The Island Hopping Tour, this TWR (on a quick note, TWR stands for TheWeeklyReview, TBS stands for TheByteScene, and TBP stands for TheBytePost. Additionally, TBD stands for TheByteDaily, and TBC stands for TheByteCorner; this will be the last time I explain the abbreviations, I promise) has been delayed for about two or three days now, and I must be allowed to explain why. You see, the original plan was to release one more TBP before this week’s TWR, which was all going according to plan until I hit a matter of technical difficulty (and by technical difficulty, I mean I fell asleep; or I was too tired; or something like that) and thus, that didn’t happen. Furthermore, yesterday I was supposed to go to the same French restaurant that I did a few weeks ago (Le Petit Bistro, for a barbeque) and I was supposed to go to a wine tasting (at Anamandara; on a side note, I don’t actually drink, but the experience is always worth more). Piecing everything together, here’s what happens: the Barbeque at the French restaurant still happened at the set time (of 12 PM) and I left the location at 2 PM to return to my current area of stay (the hotel people, I went back to the hotel).

Around this time, I figured that I’d write a TBP to pass the time and to post online(this was going to be the promised TBP; the one before this week’s TWR); luckily, I finished that specific article and it’s on the blog now (I’ll link it with all the other articles at the end, just like always). However, the wine tasting was postponed due to bad weather (until today incidentally) and therefore, of the two things I had planned, only one was really realized into fruition. Thanks to that, I reasoned that I’d just write and post this week’s TWR today, however, it’s been far too long and I don’t think I can accept anymore delays on my part. Therefore, as it’s been said here we are now. I suppose I could promise that starting today the next TWR’s will be on time, but that would be illogical; circumstances change and as such, we adapt to what we can.

Speaking of which, I still haven’t said a word about the barbeque; Le Petit Bistro once again provided an absolutely delicious meal in a beautiful location with excellent staff and outstanding design. Though, in all fairness I can say that about just about any place and it would ring true, so let’s start with the food. The barbeque itself was set up a buffet where the meats and vegetables are constantly restocked in front of the patrons (it’s not really that different from what you’d expect a barbeque to be like) and, suffice it to say, everything was delicious. For those who were there for the barbeque, chicken, sausages, spareribs, and various vegetables were available for consumption and each piece of meat had a very unique and distinct flavour that (due to a lack of experience) I really can’t describe. What I can say, however, is that it was all fantastic and given another chance, I would definitely go again. In terms of the ambiance and the design, the barbeque was held on the second floor of the restaurant which is actually quite interesting because the floor is divided in two, one half being outdoors and the other, obviously, being in. Apart from these details really, there isn’t anything more that I can say about the place.

So there we have it; that was my personal week and to top it all of, let’s not forget the articles written! First off, we have this one here (on choice),this one here (a TBS review for Get Him to the Greek) and this one here (on our life stories). Enjoy the articles folks and expect more this week!

As always, this has been your Admin; comment, subscribe, and criticize, and DO remember! Always look on the BYTE side of life!


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