Welcome to TheByteWeek (TheByteWeek Issue 1)

It’s been a while since the last post and because of that, I’ve decided to reformat the blog. I’ve eliminated TheWeeklyReview from TheByteDaily (after 8 weeks of writing) because it’s become a bit troublesome to single out stories and events that really matter. Instead, however, TheByteWeek will feature these stories in an expanded form; trips, holidays, people I meet, and so on and so forth will be featured here (not unlike TheWeeklyReview). The only reason I’m doing this is because TheWeeklyReview has become incredibly difficult to write for, not to mention it’s almost constantly late (which is another downside), in addition to the fact that it’s only written for once a week. With TheByteWeek, any personal story will be articled, expanded, and discussed further.

Frankly, I think this is going to be a lot easier to do and while the possibility exists that this page won’t be updated for months on end, the fact remains that it’s not a mandatory commitment, meaning I can write if I want to and I don’t have to write if I can’t think of anything to talk about. On a side note, the possibility does exist that TheByteWeek will act like TheWeeklyReview; slow weeks might do that, however, until such a condition arises, TheByteWeek (hereby abbreviated to TBW) will function like an actual blog might. It will be a discussion of what happens to me on a day to day basis. Assuming, of course, that the day in question has anything interesting happen (not every day is action packed and filled with surprise weddings, after all).

As always, this has been your Admin; comment, subscribe and criticize, and DO remember! Always look on the BYTE side of life!


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