Problems; A Discussion of Teeth, Characterization, and Being Someone Else

Today, I have a problem. Though, that’s not an accurate way to start a conversation, or any discussion really, because I’ve found that when it comes to my life and me, I frequently have a problem. Due to a list of poor nutritional choices, in addition to the ignorance of medical advice, coupled with a helpful amount of bad oral genetics, I have to wear a retainer for the next two to five months, for example. The doctor wasn’t very helpful in telling me how long I’d have to wear the torture device, because I was informed that my treatment would continue for a “few” more months. Notice the word “few” in quotations, because I fear that my doctor has finally come to the realization that my teeth are incredibly resilient to foreign bodies, are slightly hostile towards change, and are also impervious to any form of harm. I’m not joking when I say that despite my entire body being incredibly weak and frail (staying indoors for years can do that to a person), my teeth are quite literally made from adamantium.

Though, my teeth aren’t the only problem I have today; there’s also the massive amount of untreatable pain I’m in because my teeth are quite literally being shifted from a spot they’ve held for over two and a half years (treatment began approximately four years ago). I say untreatable because Advil, Tylenol, and ibuprofen doesn’t seem to do very much when it comes to the pain I’m currently dealing with. Suffice it to say, I’ve come to believe that my teeth have gone through the exact mutation that the wanderer-warrior hero Wolverine had undergone prior to leaving his home and beginning his adventurous life as the mutant who is very good at what he does, despite his line of work being entirely undesirable.

Well, that’s not quite right, because I say Wolverine is a wanderer-warrior, but the fact of the matter is that, due to years upon years of character development, he is no longer a character with a single dimension. Thanks to portrayals by various voice, and live, actors, in addition to art provided by the comic book industry’s finest (and the animation industry’s best), Wolverine is no longer the wanderer-warrior that he once was. Not anymore anyway. Allow me to explain; under traditional heroic archetypes, Wolverine falls under the categories of both the “wanderer’s” heading and the “warrior’s” heading. To anyone who isn’t aware, traditional heroes fall under five or six different archetypes: the orphan, the martyr, the wanderer, the warrior, the magician, and sometimes the innocent.

I’d like to point out that up until a few hours ago, I too had no idea that traditional heroes fell under only six archetypes; I personally believed that heroes, characters, and even humans for that matter, had only 12 or 13 base archetypes. On a side note, if anyone is wondering what each of the six headings mean, look up the definition of each of those words in a dictionary (digital, or in print) and you’ll have educated yourself in a manner significantly faster than one I could provide. Suffice it to say, once one removes the various differences between each archetype (small matters such as goals, fears, spirituality, and intellect) they really are nothing more than cardboard cutouts of their predetermined headings.

The warriors fight, the orphans have no parents (and are very sad), the martyrs sacrifice themselves at the mere mention of danger, the wanderer looks around for meaning in a lot of different places, and the magician does a bit of magic, all the while acting like a cross between frilly and fun Dumbledore (from the Harry Potter series), and somber and serious Gandalf (grey or white; from the Lord of the Rings series). They are very rarely anything more than their archetypes and, once again, if they appear three dimensional, then that’s only because they fall under more than one heading. Good characters, after all, are only good because they are interesting or relatable. Therefore, logically speaking, giving a character more than a single emotion, or thought pattern, is how they become more than just a character.

Even when characters are really nothing more than cardboard cutouts (as is common in the “group of four” in television, or movies) so long as they are interesting, the viewer, or reader, has no problem with them. Interestingly enough, the concept of characterization is not my third problem today. Quite the contrary because I feel that characterization is incredibly important and it’s even more important to limit the kinds of characters that are created. Not because of a weakened intellect of the viewership, or readership, but because after a while, all characters begin a repeating cycle where two characters from seemingly unrelated sources begin to look and act alike (the “group of four” is a common example because the ladies from Sex and the City have the same characteristics as the titular reptiles from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; albeit, in an incredibly roundabout way). Additionally, the fact that my recent articles have all had a relatively literary twist due to my reading and critiquing of Northrop Frye is also not my third problem.

No, my third problem is that, in recent years, many of us have come to believe that we can be classified under the same literary characteristics that we’ve come to know and enjoy for the past however-many-amount-of-years. To put this incredibly simply: I am not a reptile-ninja, you aren’t a character from a popular 17th century Russian novel and your friend is definitely not part of the Jonas Brothers, even though we may act in a similar fashion to the aforementioned characters. My third problem, quite frankly, is that we’ve come to believe that human emotion and human behaviour can be quantified and that, more often than naught, we can take advantage of these quantities to understand and alter our own behaviour to suit what we believe is right or wrong. My third problem, amazingly enough, is that we’ve come to believe that we are capable of having a single dimension of both emotion and behaviour because, quite honestly, humans are more developed, and far more interesting, than the characters we read or watch on an almost daily basis.

I suppose the reason to all of this is actually an incredibly simple one: unless you were created by Kevin Eastman (and Peter Laird), written by Leo Tolstoy, or brought to popularity by Disney, you are not single dimensioned and any attempt to prove the contrary would lead to a series of emotional and behavioral revelations that any self respecting psychiatrist would be more than happy to discuss. I can understand the desire to turn away from one’s current surroundings and I can certainly understand wanting to be someone else and I can even understand wanting to run away from our own lives to be that other person, but the fact of the matter is that despite what we may believe, it’s impossible to quantify human emotion and it’s even harder to change ourselves to become more like a character from some form of media, no matter how simple the transition may be.

Even more troubling, to me at least, is the fact that I don’t have a solution to this problem and I fear that I never will. It’s not as easy as saying “be yourself,” yet it’s not as complicating as telling someone to be someone else. Perhaps it’s my youth (once again) and perhaps it’s my own attitude, but I find that it’s infinitely easier for someone to be themselves, than it is for someone to be someone else (I don’t mean acting, of course, because that ends once you’re off the stage). I suppose, one could say, it’s just another problem I have.

As always, this has been your Admin; comment, subscribe and criticize, and DO remember! Always look on the BYTE side of life!


    • troutioub
    • October 11th, 2011

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    • I don’t care that that was ALL in Polish. This is singlehandedly the most AWESOME comment I’ve EVER had left over and it makes NO sense! Enjoy!

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