Universities and Opinions; I Honestly Have No Idea Anymore (TheByteWeek Issue 7)

It feels like I haven’t written a new TheByteWeek in the longest time and I’m actually a bit concerned that my writing ability has diminished in that regard. It’s not that I’m afraid that I can’t write, I’m just afraid that I can’t write about myself, which, quite frankly, would be a travesty altogether. As it turns out, I haven’t written a new TBW in over a month; seriously, the last one was written on 11th September, 2011, one month and one day ago. I don’t completely understand why I’ve taken this hiatus, though considering I haven’t updated the blog in over 5 days, I think this is the perfect time to discuss some of the stuff that has happened to me personally (and yes, I understand that by using the pronoun “me” I don’t need the adverb “personally;” it’s redundant and poor form, I really do understand).

Assuming anyone pays any attention to TheByteCorner, the blog’s twitter feed, they’ll know that I recently went on a trip to McMaster University for the annual McMaster Engineering Olympics. Suffice it to say, the day was eventful and while I got to sit in on some of the competitions, I also had a chance to speak to some of the students there. I got their opinions on various world events, I spoke to them about their beliefs on their future, and the future of the planet, and I discussed with them their possible career choices. I proceeded with the assumption that students studying at such a prestigious university (and being forced to spend such exorbitant amounts on a so-called “quality” education) would have an idea about their futures.

Interestingly enough, I received a split response; on one hand, they knew what they wanted, and on the other, they didn’t. I genuinely don’t know what to make of this information, as the concept of university is one of higher education and decision making. Specifically, you go to university because you feel that such a mode of higher education will lead to success in your future. I provided such a general definition because, as I noticed while talking to the students, the concept of “future” has become incredibly vague, and university is being used as a pitstop between high school and the career based world; you go to university to figure out what to do, and it’s not necessary to have a final destination in hand.

I bring this up because I genuinely have no idea what to make of this educational dilemma. Venturing online has certainly brought me no closer to a solution, as the split is created there once again. The only solace I’ve found is a rather basic one: university degrees are important for the “Important jobs.” Hilariously enough, these “Important jobs” are not discussed at great length, and the split perspective is left to the wonder and confusion of the readers. I cannot deny that this is a sign of the times, and there is definitely an article in there somewhere; something about “decisions” or something like that, but at the moment of this writing, I have no idea what decision to make, or what opinion to provide. I suppose, therefore, I will merely side with the straightforward: university is necessary for the “Important jobs” (though what such a statement means is left to the distinction of the entire universe).

On a quick note, certain changes have been made to the layout of the articles written; instead of having the column that the article belongs to, the blog name has been provided. I am now signing off as your Admin, the Avid Blogger, and if ever there appears a massive delay between articles, I can guarantee something far more pressing and urgent has appeared to steal my time.

As always, this has been your Admin, the Avid Blogger; comment, subscribe, and criticize, and DO remember! Always look on the BYTE side of life!


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