My name is Sameer Chhabra, and I’m a writer.

For the past five years, I’ve been the sole curator, moderator, contributor, and editor for TheByteDaily – a blog whose name becomes less and less relevant as more days pass without update or notice.

Since beginning this blog, its look, aesthetic, and content have undergone numerous revisions. However, what’s remained constant is the tag at the end of every single post. Whether a movie review, cultural criticism, or essay, every article has ended in the same way: a sign-off with the inclusion of two – and then later four – initials.

EK(SC) used to mean something. EK: Elric Keates. SC: Sameer Chhabra.

There was a time when I thought using a pseudonym gave the blog intrigue and excitement. Part of me believed that writing under a nom-de-plume would give this blog a kind of exotic allure. With a single identity, TheByteDaily would appear to be curated by a number of different writers carrying a number of different experiences – both professional and personal.

After five years, I feel it’s necessary to do away with the cloak-and-dagger routine.

My name is Sameer Chhabra, and I’m a writer. I’m a recent English graduate from a Canadian university, and I’m a journalist who often finds himself in strange, but – in my personal opinion – always interesting circumstances. Professionally, I’ve written movie reviews, ad copy, business profiles, as well as news pieces, opinion essays, and science explainers. I’ve written for university newspapers, as well as city and niche magazines, professional blogs, and, of course, my own personal blog.

Why reintroduce myself after five years? The reason might seem innocuous enough, but it’s important to state it regardless: It’s time to start writing for TheByteDaily again.

I can make no promises about a schedule – other than that I’ll write. I can make no promises about content – other than that it will be a reflection of things that happen to me, as well as things that I believe are essential and important to write about.

If I can promise anything, it’s that TheByteDaily will always be filled with stories. Stories about myself, stories about things that happen in the universe around us, stories about stories written by other people, and stories that matter.

I’m exciting to continue TheByteDaily again. I’m excited to start writing again.

As always, this has been your admin. Happy reading, and remember! Always look on the BYTE side of life!

-Sameer Chhabra

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