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Sociology is Serious Business; Never Doubt That What You Do Makes A Difference

Date: November 1st, 2013


Sociology is Serious Business; Never Doubt That What You Do Makes A Difference

Hey man, I need help on a sociology paper. I have to write about four current issues in Canada and I can’t think of anything. Canada’s too perfect!”

You, sir, are in luck. Your country’s a mess and your government is in shambles; your world isn’t fairing much better, but we’re going to start small and see where we end up.

Three people you call senators are under investigation for monetary fraud while one of them is trying to systematically bring down your Prime Minister in what can only be called a revenge-fuelled blaze of glory. Your Prime Minister is denying being involved in any way, shape, or form, even though there seems to be several metric tons of paper trails that lead to him, his office, and the staff staffing his office. On top of all of this he’s got a racist foreign minister and enough people in his hand-picked senate that are unreliable, untrustworthy, or both.

Wonder about the official opposition and realize that your country has five parties to elect as its primary governing body. The party most of your fellows consider as their country’s natural governing body had – in the last federal election – its worst showing in history. For the first time, since the inception of your country, the “Natural Governing Party” has dipped below second place. What’s impressive is that the official majority’s leader is losing global battles regarding intolerance, war, hatred, prejudice, and inequality, while the Liberal Leader is busy trying to figure out whether to legalize or decriminalize pot.

I still genuinely can’t figure out what the official opposition is trying to accomplish – other than the downfall and eventual obliteration of the official majority.

Your country sits on the biggest untapped oil reserve in the world, and is involved in an oil pipeline project that your people have been actively protesting since its ideological inception. Worse yet is that your democratically elected environmental leaders are caught between increasing GDP and decreasing the mindless destruction of an entire ecosystem. Your fellows say no to the pipeline, but yes to the jobs because of an economic recession that they’ve barely overcome – and your politicians are caught in the middle trying to figure out what to do.

There’s a planned mining development in the James Bay Lowlands that will prove absolutely catastrophic to both the surrounding environment and the Aboriginal populations that have done nothing but suffer since the inception of this country’s initial foundations. People will suffer if this idea ever comes to fruition; living things, of all shapes and sizes will have their futures irrevocably altered for a scarce commodity that only guarantees short term profit at the risk of long term devastation.

Regardless of what a corporation might say, it’s in the business game; it’s nothing personal, I promise, but that’s tough to explain to the creatures who will receive no further answer than “Tough.”

You see, your country, just like every democracy, suffers due to the divisive dichotomy between profit and morality.

Sadly, when it comes to a large corporation like a country, it becomes almost impossible to produce an end result that satisfies both the consumer and the ethicist, so we settle for an end result that satisfies neither. The consumer feels the profits are too low, and the ethicist feels the complacency is too high. The environmentalist suffers as the Arctic melts while the oil baron is aghast as to why there aren’t more rigs in the Atlantic. This dichotomy divides both sides of the house, and splits the nation’s attitudes down the middle.

Every aspect of the democratic process is riddled with the bullet holes of profit and the stab wounds of morality. Since democracy is the only mode of government that seems to be equally unfair for everyone, instead of unequally fair for a few, every aspect of a democratic nation is dually torn between Righteousness and Money.

On top of all of this, there’s a heavy-set man overfilling the chair of leader of the biggest city in the country, and the press can’t help but make fun of his numerous public and political failures. The man’s only crime is having a troubled and public private life and being almost entirely ineffectual as a leader, and it seems that the newspapers are intent on asking for both his resignation and utter condemnation.

You, however, are a student getting an education and trying to do the best you possibly can. You’re trying to enjoy the numerous advantages youth provides while simultaneously taking advantage of the glories that adulthood offers in a way that doesn’t result in your dire annihilation.

So where do you fit into all of this?

You’re the future of this country, along with everyone who thinks making fun of Rob Ford is cool, and you’re almost convinced that the problems this country faces are out of your reach and well beyond your limitations.

Don’t let that pressure get to you. Never underestimate the power of a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens; never doubt that what you do makes a difference.

And read a newspaper every now and then man. It’ll do your sense of civic duty some good.

As always, this has been your Admin, the Blogger; comment, subscribe, and criticize, and DO remember! Always look on the BYTE side of life!


Shaving; An Article About Neanderthalic Behaviour, Laser Hair Removal, and Genetic Fitness

Date: May 9th, 2013


TheByteDaily [Guest Article]


Shaving; An Article About Neanderthalic Behaviour, Laser Hair Removal, and Genetic Fitness


I was in the shower – and no that’s not where this is going, get your head out of the gutter. I mean, that is where I, like many other people, do some of my best thinking.


There I was, holding my razor and thinking, “Why am I doing this?”


“Why do we spend so much time primping ourselves? So much time altering our natural visages?”


And it is true. In today’s day and age, we view smooth, hairless skin to be desirable. Women shave their legs, they pluck out eyebrows, and they pull out stray growths. Anything to be a flawless beauty.


And don’t get me wrong, it isn’t just women. Men too, have even begun to preen themselves. Men shave their face, and now the practice of ‘manscaping’ – of men de-hairing their genitalia – has become commonplace.


So if hours are spent making sure that we are smooth as can be, and this doesn’t even account for the time spent on applying makeup or doing one’s (remaining) hair,  why do we do this?


We are mammals after all – we are supposed to have hair. It protects us, keeps us warm, and keeps us clean. It’s there for a reason. After millions upon millions of years of evolution, we Homo sapiens appeared as a well-designed result of good ol’ survival of the fittest. Mammals started multiplying and taking over niches after the dinosaurs went extinct, and took the giant reptilians’ place as the dominant predators on the planet. Our unique features have allowed mammals to survive in a plethora of environments: Look in the arctic, the tropics, the desert, or even the ocean and you’ll find mammals. And humans by themselves have been able to adapt to live all over the world.


So why, when this hair is a part of our identity, do we rid ourselves of it?


Well, really. That’s just it. We are mammals. We are a type of animal. And in today’s world, that is the last thing we, as a developed and dominant species, want to be viewed as. So I see our primping as a technique of distancing ourselves even further from what we truly are. So now we view hairy individuals to be undesirable.


Imagine if a Neanderthal saw what we have turned into. They wouldn’t see us as attractive at all. This smooth skin would make us appear genetically weak and unfit (in the evolutionary sense). No self-respecting caveman would give one of today’s modern women a second glance.

And don’t get me wrong.  I am not one of those hippies who thinks that we should just let our hair grow free. I still am just like the majority with my constant shaving and plucking and wishing for some goddamn laser hair removal to make my life a million times easier, but I just feel like it is something interesting to think about.


Because when we look at cavemen, with all their glorious thick fur, we are disgusted with what we evolved from! They were animals! How could we have descended from the likes of that?


The fact is, if some reason (for instance, an energy crisis *cough cough*) were to cause us to lose the use of our precious innovations, our shaven asses would be screwed. And yes, at the moment our hair would grow back (unless you are one of the lucky ducks who can afford the lasers, of which I am very jealous). But what if, in time, we start to evolve and lose our hair? Because if we keep selecting those with less hair, we shall probably start to have children with finer hair – maybe eventually no hair at all with the help of a few handy-dandy mutations.


Now I’m off to go pluck my eyebrows, I have a date tonight.


– Guest out –